Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rare Flix: The Uh Oh Show (2009)

Alright, I think enough time has passed for me to be mean to this one.  Today's Film is The Uh Oh Show, a 2009 Film that has now become Herschell Gordon Lewis' final Feature Film.  I put this off for obvious reasons.  I suppose I could have done it while he was alive too, but...I never really got around to it.  Not everything has a good Story behind it!  I suppose I'll have to get around to doing the more recent Astro-Zombies Film this year too...but no rush.  The Plot involves a TV Show in which people either win ridiculously-expensive prizes or get maimed and/or killed.  Naturally, it garners huge ratings, despite being a late-night Game Show.  Naturally, everyone just assumes that it is all fake and never looks into it.  That is, of course, until our Heroine's Boyfriend gets killed on the Show.  The Plot bears a number of similarities to other Lewis Films, not even counting the part where they just name-drop 4 Films in one sentence.  You know that this is going to be weird, crazy and bloody.  The only question: is it good?  To find out, read on...
On the titular TV Show, you answer questions to win crazy prizes (like $2 million) or get maimed by a madman with a buzz saw.

The question- what happens if you get a question right and just quit?  Do they really give you the Prizes (which are still amazing!)?  The Film never answers that.
The Show is a massive hit and this leads the Network Heads to want a Primetime Show.

Get it- the Executives are Arabs, not Jewish.  Laugh- damn you!!!
After a Reporter's dumb-ass boyfriend is killed on the Show, she starts to investigate.  She even attend the Show, which is no way like The Wizard of Gore at all!
To make a somewhat-tedious Story short, the new Show- Grimm Fairy Tales- is made, but the Uh Oh Show Host won't do it, so he sells out the Show.

Yes, this is why he reveals all of the murders- not guilt or anything!
Son of a...

Moving on.
When the Reporter gets too close, she gets captured by the Creator of the Show to be killed on-air.
However, they eventually reveal the truth about the murders.  Why nobody thought to do this before is anyone's guess.
The tools are turned on him now and it sure isn't pretty.
In the aftermath, the Host and Presenter Girl leave town and, presumably, are not prosecuted for any of the dozens of murders.  The End.
Dumb, bloody and...not that fun.  I feel a bit like a dick for saying this, but maybe H.G. Lewis should have stayed retired.  Don't get me wrong- I was happy to see him back in 2002.  Unfortunately, all he did was make underwhelming Sequels (like Blood Feast 2) and stuff like this.  Speaking for Blood Feast, did you know that there was a 2016 Remake?!?  Did you know that there is apparently also a Remake of Corpse Grinders coming up?  Damn!  I only say what I said about Lewis because his original Films are still a bit of a mess, but they are old enough to give them a certain, crazy charm.  The Gore Gore Girls was silly and Sexist as hell, but it was made in 1972.  Blood Feast has laughably-ridiculous gore, but it was made 50 years ago.  His two newer Films have no such defense available.  I wanted to like this Film more than I did.  Unfortunately, no matter how silly they treat this thing, it still kind of sucked.  If you like stupid gore for no reason other than gore, it has that.  Other than that, the Plot is stupid, barely makes sense and doesn't even wrap up very well.  Hell, the late introduction of the Fairy Tales bit is barely used and not that interesting either!  This whole thing is just kind of cheap and sad- but at least they had fun.  I'll remember your more sane Films instead- like the one where the guy uses blood as paint.  Sleep tight, Godfather of Gore.
Next up, a 1980's Film with a very similar Plot.  Will this one be less gory and more interesting?  Stay tuned...

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