Saturday, January 21, 2017

Euro Trash: Black Demons (1991)

I was going to watch and Review this for MLK Jr Day, but...we're divided enough as a Country.  This is Black Demons, a 1991 Italian Horror Film that is much more like Zombie Holocaust than Demons.  The killers are Black, but...are they Demons?  If you like this kind of Euro Trash Zombie fluff, this is certainly more of the same.  The Plot involves Zombie Slaves, a bunch of Tourists and Voodoo.  For some reason, the Film is set in Brazil, which is certainly not the place you think of when you think of Voodoo.  Now here's the confusing part: this is sometimes called Demons 3.  So is Demons III: The Ogre.  So is The Church, the more appropriate Film in the group.  Somehow Lamberto Bava, Michele Soavi and Umberto Lenzi all lay claim to having created Demons III!  It is only slightly less confusing than the Zombi Series, which includes 1987's Zombi 5: Killing Birds and 1988's Zombi 4: After Death.  Yes, you read that right!  As a bonus, Soavi dropped out of Killing Birds to do The Church, so this is all connected after all!!!  Does your head hurt yet?  Let this mediocre Zombie Film- Lenzi's only true Film in the Genre- soothe your pain...
A bunch of Tourists are traveling through Brazil and want to see the real sights.
Unfortunately, they come across a Voodoo Ritual and one of them gets entranced.
Said Ritual apparently awakens some long-dead creatures from the past: former Slaves.  Joy.
They meet up with some 'Locals' (right!) and go to a Plantation.

I don't know that they DIDN'T have them in Brazil, but who thinks of them having some?
A Ritual is done that leads to the death of one of their own by the risen bodies of the Dead Slaves.
That's gonna leave a mark!

Incidentally, another kill bit has a lady get one cut out.  Is there some symbolism to the 'Slaves' doing this that I'm just not aware of?
Not content to be a fake Demons Film and mostly just Zombi 4: After Death, they also rip off The Shining in the climax as the controlled guy chases our heroine with an axe and looks through the door hole.
As our Final Guy runs around with the Exploding Lantern Trope in full effect, the controlled guy is inadvertently killed by one of the Slaves.  The day is saved!
Of course, we need Sequel Bait as the mind-control necklace is now on some kid.  Why it was off the one guy and he was still controlled is anyone's guess.

See you in Black Demons 2- psych!  The End.
Pretty dumb and forgettable.  Italian Zombie Films are a tricky thing.  Because there are so damn many of them, the majority of just forgettable.  Some are remembered as last being good examples of the Genre- like Zombi-, while others are memorable for weird additions- Zombi 4's gun-using Zombies!- and others are memorable for just being ridiculous- Zombi 5: Killing Birds.  Beyond that, you are either memorable for being utter crap- like Hell of the Living Dead- or just plain forgotten.  That is where Black Demons sits.  It is alright at times.  It isn't shot badly.  Umberto Lenzi is a pretty good Director, so this isn't like a Bruno Mattei Film.  It just isn't that interesting, arguably Racist use of Zombie Slaves aside.  The Action isn't that memorable and the whole thing is just 'alright.'  Black Demons is somewhere between a good Film and an enjoyable mess.  Oh well, at least it has a guy who looks alot like Ethan Carter III in it...
Next up, I cover a Japanese Film with a far more famous Remake.  I've already done the crap sequels, so why not this one?  Stay tuned...

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