Saturday, January 14, 2017

Holiday Flix: Saturday the 14th Strikes Back!

It is either now or in October!  Today's Film is Saturday the 14th Strikes Back, a 1988 Horror-Comedy that is a Sequel to a slightly-more famous Film.  That Film feature Richard Benjamin in the Lead, while this one...doesn't.  If you wanted to know how the Story of the last Film continued, you are out of luck.  Also...why the hell did you care?  In any event, this long-delayed Sequel is much more of a Sequel to House than anything else- not that the Film needed MORE Sequels!  The only connection- the same Director.  Incidentally, the man- Howard R. Cohen- is a major Corman Alumni.  He Wrote the Deathstalker Films AND the Barbarian Queen Films, plus Directing Deathstalker IV.  He's also the same guy who wrote both Vampire Hookers and many Episodes of Rainbow Brite!  The Plot of this Film sort of follows the Original, but mostly just does random nonsense.  I'd explain more, but they barely try so screw it.  Let's see how this turns out...
Our Hero suddenly addresses us one time and then switches to Narration.  Enjoy this one 4th Wall Break!
So, basically, the House from the last one is now on a crack in the ground leading to Hell or something.

Who cares about that when you can have pointless and dumb Comedy though?
The House makes all sorts of weird stuff happen (like the Dad making Sculptures out of Pudding), monsters appear (but do nothing) and lots of nonsense to happen.  Enjoy.
Instead of Jeffrey Tambor and company, here are dancing Vampire Girls.  Also Michael Berryman.
Our Hero learns that he is fated to have great powers and rule the Earth as an evil guy.  Naturally, he rejects this until it allows him to get Cheeseburgers for breakfast.
Just like the other Film, stuff finally goes down in the last Act.  Naturally, Corman burned down another Set!
The battle between the evil guy and our Hero involves lots of crappy effects and Stock Footage.  Enjoy random shots from Deathstalker, Grand Theft Auto, Deathsport and Rock & Roll High School!
He ultimately wins the day and...I guess stops being the ruler of the World?  The End.
Ugh.  Bad Comedies are the worst!  Saturday the 14th Strikes Back is just a pile of dumb sight gags and puns.  The Original wasn't exactly Mel Brooks, but it worked.  This one- far less so!  None of the Story really matters that much.  People are just in a House where weird stuff happens all the time.  It all leads up to...more stupid Comedy and Stock Footage.  What a pay-off!  I want to like these Corman cheapies (see Death Race 2050), but they don't always make them easy.  Stuff like Deathstalker and the like can be fun for being silly, but not trying to be a Comedy.  These bad Comedies just don't work!  On the plus side, I don't have to worry about offending the Director- he's been dead since 1999.  All dark kidding aside, this one just kind of sucks.  Enjoy this new Banner though...
Next up, I finally cover the Remake of a Japanese Film I did in 2014.  In my defense, I barely cared.  Stay tuned...

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