Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quick Reviews: Under the Shadow (2016)

A Foreign Horror Film that is part Historical Drama and part Ghost Film?  Why not?!?
The Film throws a bunch of History at you.

Hey, if I wanted to learn, I', just not read this.
Our Heroine is facing a tough struggle.  She wants to finish her Studies to become a Doctor, but she is not allowed to due to some political activity she took part in years ago.
Back at home, there is some tension over her decision and the fact that he's a Doctor.
When he's forcibly-enlisted into the War between Iraq and Iran, she's forced to watch their Daughter in a partial warzone.
In the Building with her Daughter, our Heroine faces strange events, strange people and this lady.
Can she hold things together as things literally and figuratively fall apart?  Is she being haunted by a Djinn?  To find out, watch the Film.
Good stuff.  This whole thing is certainly an odd sell.  It is an Historical Horror Film set in Iran that is also an emotional Drama.  If you're still on board, you'll really like this.  Like Cujo, it focuses on the Drama between a Mother and Child trapped in a dangerous situation.  Yes, I just compared this to Cujo- deal with it!  A couple things to note.  1- I'm not a Woman.  2- I have not had a Kid and tried to raise her.  3- I didn't live in Iran in the 1980s.  In spite of all of those (hopefully) obvious statements, I totally related to this Film and its Characters.  It works.  It is well-written, shot and Acted.  If you're in it for the scares, there's not too many.  The ones they give you are good, so the pay-off still works.  As another plus, it does not have a bloated 2 hour plus runtime like some recent stuff.  Hi, Conjuring 2.  Everyone is going to tell you this, but I will to- this is a good Movie.  Go see it.  I'll stick with a Classic in the meantime...
Clever, engaging stuff.  This isn't a full-on Horror Film, so don't expect it to be and just enjoy.

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