Thursday, January 19, 2017

Old School TV: One Step Beyond- The Lovers

Another step back in time to the early days of TV as we take...
In The Lovers (Season 2, Episode 22), we are taken to Vienna to see a tale of love and Poltergeists.

Can I just assume that two of these people is Maynard's Parents?
A retired Postman is in love with a Waitress, so his friend (with a wicked 'stache!) discourages him.
Likewise, the lady's family is also not on board.

Oh and I guess everyone is just American here?  Alright.
After he gives her a gift, he's rewarded with a kiss...or would be if a Poltergeist wouldn't keep cock-blocking him.
He is convinced to break things off with her, but only after proving the ghost's existence to his friend.  However...
She shows up and admits her love for him.  They decide to live with the consequences of a Poltergeist that apparently doesn't care for their love.  The End.
Far more fun than last Episode.  To be fair to both, this one plays alot differently.  For every 'people trapped in a Box' Episode of The Twilight Zone, there was at least 2 'man on the wing of the plane' Episodes.  Speaking of Episodes, my DVD starts with Season 1, Episode 22 and follows it up with Season 2, Episode 22.  How odd!  Is there any rhyme or reason to this?  In any event, this one is just plain silly.  A man falls in love with a young lady, but a mysterious ghost keeps trying to kill the romance.  It isn't really explained all that well.  Does it matter though?  This is just silly fun.  TV has to start somewhere, after all.  They even worked in what has to be one of the first Scenes in TV History where they imply that an old man can't get an erection!  TV History!
Next time, another old-timey TV Episode.  Will it be happy or sad?  See you then...

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