Friday, January 27, 2017

Lost TV: Stephen King's Golden Years- Episode 5

As time waits for no man, so can I no longer wait to talk about...
In this Episode, our Villain is away from the Base and gets locked out from the information.
Stephen Root- Super Hacker.

Hacking Scenes sure were weird back in the '90s and this is no exception.
The trio splits up to look less conspicuous, the wife and Agent taking a bus.  Just keep talking about the Lab Explosion in front of this lady pretending to be asleep, ladies!
Speaking of the Bus, say 'Hi' to Stephen King and his random cameo!
As for Harlan, he finally gets a ride from a Trucker, but passes out and strange things start to happen. 
Harlan unconsciously seems to move time itself forward- as shown by shots of this Trucker staring.

What is going on?  To find out, keep watching...
Some good, some bad.  This one does an odd thing by making its main Villain be completely useless the whole time.  To be fair, this is clearly a counterpoint to last Episode in which Ed Lauter's General lost all of his power.  I get that.  It just feels weird to see this direct, confrontational guy just sitting around waiting for a phone call.  This whole Episode is not quite as filler as one before it, but it is close.  It is mostly about them just trying to get from one place to another.  In fairness, the stuff that does happen at the end certainly makes up for most of it.  I did complain about the lack of Stephen Root recently too, so I guess I have to be happy here.  All in all, this Episode is pretty forgettable save for the end, King's Cameo and that sneaky Boom Mic...
Next time, an explanation for Harlan's powers?  I sure hope so.  See you then...

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