Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quick Reviews: Beware the Slenderman

I don't normally cover Documentaries (let alone TV ones), but this one was given to me recently and relates to Creepypasta, so...why not?
Do you know who Slenderman is?  The Internet sure does and Hollywood will be sure to let you know by the time 2017 is over.

In any event, here is some fake footage to begin the Film.
In 2014, two girls attacked their friend.  The reason: Slenderman.
To know the origin of this creepy creature, you have to look at Creepypastas.

Fun Fact: 'Creepypasta' is a Portmanteau.  Most people who share Creepypastas don't know what the hell that even is.
Since the Film deals with so much dark material and genuine heartache, enjoy this shout-out to SomethingAwful.com.

Was someone honestly fooled by this Photo?
The Film discusses both the real Case and the whole Mythology that has led to people actually believing in stuff like this.

Leave it to HBO to produce a Film that features B-Roll of Planking AND Richard Dawkins.
This whole thing is all about a real event and it sure is tragic.  Don't go in expecting anything fun, folks!
Dark, but interesting stuff.  I know a little about Slender Man/Slenderman, but not nearly as much as alot of the Internet.  I know that alot of people are obsessed with the Character, even if it is just for the visual.  The so-called Mythos is pretty vague, so don't get too hung up on it.  This Film is here to address two things.  First, it is to discuss the idea of how Slenderman came to be an Internet Icon and the origins of all that stuff.  It tells you about the general idea behind how Memes spread and the historical stuff that clearly inspired it (like The Pied Piper).  Second, it wants you to know about the attempted Murder and the people involved.  You meet all of the people that they could actually show- since 2 of them are in Jail right now and the 3rd was the Victim- and really make you connect with them.  You can choose to accept the logic given in the Film for why it all happened or not- your call.  The whole thing hinges upon you wanting to know more- I sure did.  All told, Beware the Slenderman sounds like a terrible Horror Film (like The Bye Bye Man looks), but is actually an interesting Documentary.  Since it is all so serious and dark, here is actual B-Roll from the Film of a Cat watching a Cartoon Character on an iPad...
Considering the strange and curious subject matter, the Documentary works.  It feels real and genuine, even if it is about a made-up Internet Demon.

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