Thursday, January 12, 2017

Creepy Rigatoni: Channel Zero- Episode 2

Well, the Pilot sold me enough to keep going.  You've got competition, Golden Years!

I still don't know what Creepypasta really is, but screw it!
After the disappearance is solved, a new crime happens- off-screen stabbing.

I like that you can't show a kid stabbing a kid, can show a freaky tooth demon with one of the kids.  Standards!
Speaking of kids, here's a dead kid body!
"Oh hi, creature that haunts my dreams, how are you?  Really?  I'm sorry to hear that.

While I have you, maybe stop haunting the guy from Parks & Recreation."
As questions about our Lead's sanity and the whole Candle Cove thing, more creepy stuff happens.
A big reveal comes that will change the Series forever!  Admittedly, it is a 6 Episode Series.

On top of that, this Lad appears to be feeding the tooth creature.  What will happen next?!?
More strange, creepy stuff.  Channel Zero had a strange and interesting opening.  I was worried that it would drop the ball right away, but so far so good.  To be fair, this is apparently only a 6-Episode Mini-Series, so there is less room/need for filler.  Everything that worked last time- creepy Characters, moody Setting, good Acting- is still here.  You get even more creepiness as the Tooth Child shows up a few times to really accentuate his creepy nature.  You learn more about the people and situation, making the Story more fleshed out.  The big reveal is not really a shock, but it will certainly affect the Story.  Here's hoping that it keeps pace.  Now when will I get this guy as a  Funko Pop for my shelf...
I'll be back for at least one more time to this freaky Town.  Will it continue to keep me interested?

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