Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Twin Piqued: Twin Peaks- Fire Walk With Me

Is this truly the end?  Today's Film is Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the Prequel Film that Lynch demanded.  The Fans of the Show demanded to know how the Story continued after the Season 2 Finale, of course.  That immediately created a conflict here that would be hard to overcome.  Does it?  The Story tells the final days of Laura Palmer leading up to her famous death.  Well, that and a bunch of other, random stuff.  The Film was apparently around five hours long before Cuts were made, so certain people just aren't here.  In addition, new people appear- some as new Characters, some as old ones.  For better or worse, this is a David Lynch Film.  Is it a gem that bears more appreciating or the kind of arty mess that I usually give to Bob?  To find out, read on...
Two Agents we don't know (Chris Isaak and Keifer Sutherland) are sent to investigate the death of a young woman.

So this is apparently due to Kyle McLaughlan not wanting to be in a bigger role.  Alright then.
Furthering confusing things, Not Cooper and Sutherland investigate the death in a Town *like* Twin Peaks, but not really.  Hurray?
After Not Cooper vanishes, real Cooper appears in a trippy Scene with the Red Room, Young Not David Lynch and...David Bowie?!?

I don't know what the hell this has to do with anything ,but it was nice to see the trippy stuff again.  Hi again, Miguel Ferrer!
After all that, we get the Story of Laura Palmer's final days.  Oh good- the point!

We see stuff that we heard about- her cocaine problem, her relationship with the weird shut-in guy, etc.- but not much that is actually new or surprising.
We do see some more explicit stuff showing how BOB was controlling Leland and you know that I loves me some Killer BOB.
After some more randomness (including a Cameo by Heather Graham), we see the final events leading to the death of Laura Palmer.  As it all goes down, she has a meaningful Scene with Log Lady.
We see all of the freaky stuff in the Cabin that led up to her death.  One issue: not enough Red.
In a bit that bothers some (even people in the Cast!), we see very explicitly (and darkly) how a possessed Leland killed Laura.  There's no levity here, folks!
In what some claim is a clue explaining Cooper's fate after the Season 2 Finale, we see him with Laura in the Red Room- alongside an Angel!.

This is right after she died though, so...I'm not sure I buy it/get it.  The End.
Confusing, weird and kind of interesting.  This is definitely weirder than the Show, which is saying alot!  This gets really weird because it makes you think of the Show, but acts more like a standard David Lynch Film.  Remember, he didn't Write and Direct a good chunk of the Episodes of the Show.  One thing to note is that, as mentioned, Lynch shot a good 4-5 Hours of Footage and cut it down to about 2.  Would the missing Scenes have made for a more coherent- though obviously longer- narrative?  Maybe.  It is still a David Lynch Film though, folks!  So much in the early part is just weird for the sake of being weird.  For example, this woman below meets the Agents at the Airport and does some sort of weird Interpretive Dance bit.  Why?  It is so that they would know what to expect in the Town they are going to.  No, that clearly couldn't have been done with a briefing and, you know words!  Don't be silly.  In the rest of the thing, we get all sorts of dark, dark stuff.  With such a diverse set of Stories, the Film is very disjointed.  It isn't bad, but I definitely understand what some of the complaints were about.  It is very strange and abstract.  I'd say more, but the One-Armed Man would say mean things about me like he does on the Interview Feature on the DVD.  If you liked the Show, this is for you.  It is just quite a bit different in many ways, so you may not like it as much.  Right, Red Lady?
Next up, I go back to cover some Horror-themed stuff that has eluded Reviewing.  First up, a Horror Host has a super-cheesy 80s Film.  Stay tuned...

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