Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quick Reviews: Turbo Kid

This one comes with all sorts of hype and I was really sold on the idea.  I hope that it lives up to it all.  This is...
In a bleak future, one young man tries to survive by scavenging and holding onto things he loved as a kid.
Unfortunately, life is really tough in the Wasteland and people die every day.

Seriously, there is A LOT of death in this Movie.  It is bloody as hell!
A cruel Warlord who calls himself Zeus (Michael Ironside) controls the nearby land and has a pretty dark way of keeping the resources flowing.
When our hero finally finds someone to love again in the Wasteland, he must become Turbo Kid (or at least the closest iteration he can) to save her!
Even with some help, can Turbo Kid be the hero that he needs to be to stop the Road Warrior-esque threat of Zeus and his evil men?
Or is he just plain doomed?  Well, you can probably guess...but you probably still won't see everything coming.  No SPOILERs.  The End.
What a good surprise!  Like many Films from the Indy Circuit, this one came with alot of hype.  Naturally, I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.  Such is the danger of these Films.  Thankfully, this crazy Film totally lived up to it all!  The Plot and Setting, while not wholly-original, are very fun and satisfying.  You don't need a complex set-up to explain why it is the Wasteland- not after 30 years of Mad Max clones anyways.  The Story here is nice and simple- Villain bad, heroes good.  There is more to it, but the simple heart of it is such.  There are plenty of nice twists and turns along the way that I obviously won't give away too.  The big thing for and against the Film is the ridiculous level of violence here.  Why it works: it is ridiculously-over-the-top and eye-catching.  Why it may not work for everyone: it is ridiculously-over-the-top.  Did I mention that it is ridiculous?  It is best described as 'Riki-Oh in the Wasteland' and is easily the goriest thing I've seen this year since the good parts of Zombieworld.  If you love crazy stuff like me, you're going to totally love this one.  While it borrows from many other Films (and is an expansion of a 2011 Short Film), it makes its own crazy mark.  Speaking of borrowing things, I can't help but see a connection between the look of the Villain and another one.  Ironically, this Film is about how Water is scarce, while the other has the opposite problem...
Easily one of the most fun, crazy and original Films I've seen this year.  Good, good stuff.

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