Friday, October 2, 2015

Twin Piqued: Top Ten Best and/or Craziest Moments

After complaining about all of the little things on the Show, let's take a look at what I liked best...or at least what I found to be the craziest...
1. The First Red Room Scene: While I was digging the early Episodes (see #10), seeing the first Red Room Scene sealed the deal.

What is going on?  Why is there a little person?  Why is he dressed in a red leisure suit?  Cryptic clues mean what exactly?

2. Maddy's Death Scene: Kudos to Mr. Lynch for Directing this one to perfection.

We finally learn that Killer Bob (more on him later) was controlling Leland Palmer and now he's being driven to kill his niece Madeline (aka Maddy).  In a crazy Scene, he chases, torments and kills her.  The key- Lynch shot the whole thing 3x.

One was with Leland doing the actions, another was with BOB doing them and a third was Ben Horne doing them- the latter only used to help keep the secret secure before the Episode aired.  Good stuff.
3. David Lynch- Actor: This one is kind of a cheat, but who cares?

Lynch himself appeared in a handful of Episodes as Gordon Cole, a colleague of Cooper's.  His whole thing was that he was mostly-deaf and tended to project WAY too loud.  Unless you've seen it, it is truly hard to explain why it is so funny.  They expounded upon it later by having him clear the room to talk to Cooper in private...and have his lines be audible down the Hall.  Wah wah.

4. Killer BOB: This guy is just trippy as all hell.

Appearing intermittently in the early Episodes and then vanishing until the last few, Killer BOB is just plain freaky.  Everything about the guy was unsettling and bizarre.  He's a great creation for the Show and I hope he returns with the Show.

If I have to pick one moment to nail down, I'd go with his first appearance.
5. The Season 1 Finale: I spoke about this one at length (as a full Review), so I'll be brief here.

What this one did so well was to put everyone and everything in danger somehow.  They made sure that you'd want to see the Show come back.  It worked, although only one time- sadly.

6. Ray Wise- Dancer: A manic Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) dances in a trippy way with Ben Horne and his brother- both very confused.  What is not to love? 
7. Cooper's 'Art of Investigation' Scene: How do you explain this?

Cooper takes Hawk, Andy and Harry out to the Woods with a blackboard, some rocks and some bottles.  To find out who the mysterious 'J' in the clues is, he says a name and then throws a rock at a bottle.  If he hits it, the name must be important.

Make sense?  No- of course not!
8. Nadine's Amnesia Story: Another I've talked about before, so I'll be brief.

To recap, Nadine purposely ODed on some Pills to get Ed's attention and went into a Coma.  She woke up later with no memory of the last decade or so.  A side-effect: she now has super-adrenaline strength.  Yeah, it makes no sense.  Big whoop- wanna fight about it?

9. The Poor Bird: I nearly forgot about this one.

Near the end of Season 1, the gang had a clue: a Mynah Bird.  While they are away, someone actually shoots and kills the bird!  Holy crap!  You can't kill children (unless they are 17) and you certainly can't kill birds- except here.
10. The Last Red Room Scene: While we didn't get a million answers here, this one bit is great.

As what amounts to the payoff for the whole Show (due to cancellation), we get a host of trippy visuals.  Dead Leland returns.  Dead Laura screams like a psycho.  Random Jazz Singer (not Roy Scheider).  Killer BOB is back!  Flames from the head!  Lots of laughing and yelling!

This is why I love the Show.  Do you blame me?

I hope the Prequel Film is good, but we'll see next...

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