Thursday, October 1, 2015

Immediate Response: Rifftrax Live!- Miami Connection

Since I partially-helped fund it, I had to go see the latest Rifftrax Live.  This one was all new for me...
The Good
* The 'Movie Facts' before the Show were as great as always.
* The Short- Measuring Man- was ridiculous as all get out.  It is Coronet, so no shock.
* As always, the random banter between the Rifftrax guys is funny and natural.
* Miami Connection is a gloriously-bad and silly Film.  It was Edited by someone who appears to have never seen a Film before!
* Seriously- the Music, the Acting, the Story- all ridiculous.  So, so bad!

The Bad
* Am I the only one who thinks they missed an Albert DeSalvo joke with the whole 'Measuring Man' Short?  Probably.
* For some, Miami Connection may be a bit too bad.  They're lightweights, admittedly.
* How did Kevin mess up a line, but Bill didn't?  You're letting me down, Bill!

Honestly, no real complaints here.  Great Show!

See the Replay on October 6th if you missed it!

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  1. What I still want to know is why Measuring Man didn't take his glasses off. I mean, he's clearly a Superman riff--shouldn't that be part of it? :-P

    Ah, never fail to fail.