Saturday, October 24, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Frankenstein Reborn (Part 1)

Doesn't it suck to be a friend?

In Frankenstein Reborn, the Doctor's ex-lover is rebounding from his rejection.  Naturally, she goes to hang out with a friend (who appears to live in David DeCoteau's Beach House Rental)...
While the lady is off taking a bath, her friend decides to turn on some 'Cover Up My Death' Music.  I hear their new Album drops in *AARGH*
Naturally, the Creature shows up and slams her into her glass table.

I'm no Structural Engineer, but I can't imagine that the glass was designed to break that way...
Seriously- her Family should sue.

The moral here: don't befriend Frankenstein's Lover.

As a side note, that was also the Title of a Porn Film...right?

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