Monday, October 12, 2015

Quick Reviews: Mad Max- Fury Road

At long last, I cover the wildest Action Film of the year.  Oh, what a lovely day, right?
The Titular Max has been captured by a freaky bad guy and used as a resource.  Fate leads to him being dragged along on a trip for...
The Harem.  They escaped in search of a better life, but the trip won't be easy.
When THIS GUY wants to catch you, you are going to drive away as fast as possible!
Can Max, the Brides, Furiosa and whoever will help them make it somewhere safe or will the Wasteland claim their lives?  To find out, watch the Film.  The End.
What a lovely Film!  Kudos to George Miller for proving everyone wrong.  After doing 2 Happy Feet Films, who expected this?  This one has been a long time coming.  Charlize Theron actually Filmed this one BEFORE A Million Ways To Die in the West, but that Film has been shot, Edited, released, put on DVD and made it to pay-Cable...all before this one came out.  Oh well- it was worth the wait.  The whole Film is a great combination of Story, spectacle and structure.  Every prop and vehicle has a (bizarre) logic behind it.  There's even a crazy reason for them to drive a Car that is solely-designed to carry a bunch of drums and speakers for their permanently-hanging Guitar Player!  With all of the freaky people and violence, this is obviously not going to be for everyone.  It certainly worked for me.  With all of the talk about getting two more, I say 'go for it.'  I'll sure be along for the ride...
Loud, crazy fun.  George Miller proves that you can return to a Franchise after so long and do it right!

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