Sunday, October 18, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Near Dark

At last some famous Poor Bastards of Cinema.

In Near Dark, a group of roving Vampires stop in a Bar for a drink.  Naturally, it isn't Scotch.
Yep, they cut this poor Waitress' throat and drink her blood from a beer glass!  That isn't all though.
They don't stop there.  When the Bartender puts up a fight, he gets his throat slit via a boot stirrup.
There's only 2 guys left, but I'm sure that they will totally stop there.
Nah, just kidding!  This Vampire kid/adult shoots him!
Only one guy escapes, but that is so that the Plot can escalate.  He gets a pass for Plot Convenience.

What is the lesson?  Don't get to a Bar in Texas unless you are packing...some Holy Water and a Stake!  That's the 27th Amendment right?


  1. Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something: What is up with you capitalising random Nouns? It looks odd. You didn't do that in your older posts.

    1. Dunno.

      I'm either doing something right now or doing something wrong. Either way, it is not intentional.