Friday, October 30, 2015

New Flix: Deathgasm

Loud, proud and dumb.  Today's Film is Deathgasm and...need I say anymore?  I mean, I'm going to, I need to?  This New Zealand-based Comedy is in the vein of Rock & Roll Nightmare, Black Roses and...well, every John Fasano Film of note.  By the way, Fasano apparently still has a Film in Pre-Production...despite him being dead since 2014.  Good job, IMDB!  From the guy who does Digital Painting for WETA comes a Movie about a Demon-summoning Rock Song.  Makes sense to me!  This one is all sorts of crazy and ridiculous.  Is it good though?  To find out (without SPOILERS), read on...
This dude loves Metal, but his life sucks right now.  Can it get any better?
Well, he manages to form a band called Dethgasm (why no 'A' in the Band Title?) and find a girl he likes.
There is some sort of conspiracy involving this Cult and some magic words...which now is in the hands of, well, guess.
Unfortunately, the magic words on the sheet get turned into a Song that mutates everyone else in Town!
So now the Town is full of Demons and Demon-like Zombies.  On the plus side, they have fashion sense.
Can our heroes be competent, well, heroes?
Or is everyone pretty much doomed?  The Town is 99% Deadite, so...probably not.  The End.
Silly, bloody fun.  This one is pretty clear about what it wants to be.  The Action involves blood vomiting, head explosions and a dildo or two.  Figured it out yet?  As per usual, I won't judge a Movie too badly for being what it wants to be.  It sure is convenient that all of the big Action takes place at night though, right?  The big thing here is whether or not you find the Characters endearing or not.  If you don't, this is pretty much just a dumb, shallow Action Film with lots of wacky moments.  If you give a shit about them, you at least get emotionally-invested in this dumb, shallow Action Film with lots of wacky moments.  The Film is exactly what you expect to get with a Title like Deathgasm.  Is it too much at times?  Sure.  Regardless, it is what it is and it ain't no more.  Be warned- not everyone will take to it like I did.  There may be, well, some side-effects...
Next up, a Holiday Film in time for a Holiday!  Why pick one Story when 10 will do?  Stay uned...

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