Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rare Flix: He Knows You're Alone

Yeah, but he doesn't have to be so mean about it!  Today's Film is He Knows You're Alone, an obscure 1980's Slasher.  It is only famous for one thing...but let's not SPOIL that just yet.  Those of you who already know, don't shout out the answer.  Patience is a virtue!  The Film is about a bizarre Stalker/Murderer who has a type: soon to be married women.  I get how he finds out their plans in time- by seeing where they go and spying on them-, but how many times has he followed a woman for like a week and realized that she was not planning to get married anytime soon?  Given that he's been at this for years apparently, at least once or twice, right?  When he targets someone new, will this give a Detective with a grudge the chance he finally needs?  To find out, read on...
Late one night, a couple are interrupted by a noise.  What could it be?
Why a Film-within-a-Film Fake-Out, of course!

Our Heroine is watching a Slasher Film...while someone watches her from behind.
At the point of the latest kill in the fake Film (or a real one I didn't recognize), the Stalker stabs her in the back...apparently killing her instantly.

Sorry, Scream 2 (and Scary Movie), but this one beat you by nearly 2 Decades!
After a random cameo by Steve James (of American Ninja fame) and a scene with Paul Gleason, we see our new Heroine going on her daily routine.

She's being followed by this obviously-bad-guy.  How is he so successful at this again?
One of the Sub-Plots involves an amorous Professor and the Heroine's friend.  The former is played by That Guy You Know From Some Film...Only He Was Older in that One.
Alright, so why is this Movie even remembered?  Well, it is the Feature Film Debut (and first Credit on IMDB) of...

Tom Hanks.
After that revelation, can you stand any more suspense?

Well, to be fair, the latter half has some good Suspense, a Head in a Fish Tank and a good Climax.  I say 'Why quit while you're ahead?' though, so...The End.
Honestly, a pretty good experience.  The Film is not super-great and doesn't feel all that unique by today's standards.  What it does that is kind of interesting is tell you who the killer is right off.  It is not something you see in non-Sequels all that much.  This one uses it pretty well by having him keep appearing and letting the suspense build.  Part of me was hoping for a 'Who is the Killer' Story though, to be honest.  It is more Cliche, yes, but it would have given me the chance to actually suspect that Tom Hanks was a Slasher Heavy.  Can you blame me?  Speaking of which, there are 2 things to note.  First, he doesn't appear until about the halfway point and doesn't do a whole lot before disappearing.  The reason for that is #2.  According to the Director, Hanks' character tested so well that they cut his Death Scene from the Film.  Even as a newcomer, he was so likable that he managed to survive a Slasher Film!  Hell, Johnny Depp couldn't pull that off.  Aside from Hanks, this is still a good Film overall.  While nothing special, the Tone is well-maintained and the Film builds nicely.  Aside from a few slow points, it is worth a look.  As a bonus, it may have inspired this one...
Next up, let me cover the next best thing to a *good* Rock & Roll Nightmare Sequel.  Will it rock out or just rock on and on and on?  Stay tuned...

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