Thursday, October 1, 2015

Twin Piqued: Top 10 Worst/Most Disappointing Moments (and Bonus)

Before I wrap the Show up completely with Fire Walk With Me, it seems fitting to cover the Show's High and Low Points.

Since I'm sure the Best Moments is going to be less controversial, let's do this one first...
1. The 'Little Nicky' Story: What was this one all about exactly?  Over the course of a few Episodes, Deputy Andy and Dick fought by proxy over Lucy by way of Nicky.  As it progressed, they started to think that the kid was sort of evil...or something.

This was kind of a weird diversion...until it just stopped.  In a melodramatic tsunami, they learned that none of what they thought was true and that they should feel bad for thinking it.  Oh, alright.  At least we got a Molly Shannon cameo out of it.
2. Good-bye, Duchovny: I suppose you can chock some of this up to hindsight.  In Season 2, a DEA Agent played by David Duchovny showed up and he...was now a 'she.'  I can't pretend to have planned covering these Episodes while the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing was going on, but I'll take it.

As interesting as Duchovny's Character was, they stopped appearing after a few Episodes with not much of a good-bye.  What a disappointment.  Please come back for the new Show!
3. Soap Opera Peaks: I harped on this enough in my Episode Reviews, so I'll be brief.

The Story with James outside of Twin Peaks was silly, over-the-top and not so good.  It just wouldn't end!

4. Off-Camera Suicide: Kind of a sudden end to this Story and a little bit of a cheat.

In one Arc, Donna and James discovered Laura Palmer's Secret Diary (sold in Book Stores!).  They try to take it back from the crazy shut-in who had it.  He confronts them angrily when he catches them (with Maddy)...but he apparently committed suicide after they got away...between Episodes.  What?!?
5. Misleading Cliffhanger(s): This is a minor gripe, but notable on a Show this good.

A few times, they would give you some big moment as a cliffhanger and then do little with it afterwards.  The best example: the mysterious woman working for Eckhardt.  She snuck into a grieving Truman's room as one Episode ended...and then just tried to kill him (which failed) when the next Episode began.

The thing is that they don't really explain her actions well at all in the aftermath, so...misleading.

6. Sorry, Ronette: It's all about Laura.

Remember the other girl who was with Laura when she was killed?  No?  I thought not.

The poor girl doesn't get much attention in the Show, so...sorry.
7. Oh, so you shot Cooper then?: This one does get a pay-off, but it is pretty minor.

At the end of Season 1, Cooper was shot.  About 2/3 of the way through Season 2, we learn that Josie did it.  We learn in it in a pretty roundabout way (Gun Shot Residue on a Dress, I think) and she dies in the same Episode.  Kind of a lame pay-off, Mr. Lynch.

8. Ben Horne's Big Reveal: I guess you can blame the lack of Season 3 on this one (a little).

After turning good, we learned some cryptic stuff about Ben Horne's connection to the Hayward Family.  Secret Meetings and cryptic messages galore.  The pay-off: a confrontation in the Season 2 (and Show) Finale and no clear answers.

Oh...alright then.

9. What is the deal with the Alien Message?: I harped on this one alot in the Episode Reviews, so I'll be brief here too.

Cooper's name appearing in some messages from Outer Space- what?!?  They turn out to be coming from the Woods instead?  Oh.  Hmm....alright.

10. The Japanese Angle: This one is just confusing.

So Josie returns with some Japanese guy who beats up Hank once.  Later, an older Japanese guy shows up to buy Ghostwood in place of Catherine.  Later, we learn 'the truth' about the first guy...but it is coming from Josie, who has been lying alot.  Eventually this all goes away when we learn that the older Japanese guy is a disguised Josie...and somehow Eckhardt (who's not Japanese) was involved Andrew Packard.

This is all just a confusing and somewhat-unnecessary part of an overall good story.

So those were my minor gripes, complaints and nitpicking about an otherwise excellent Show.  With that out of the way, I can move on to the good stuff.

But first...
R.I.P. Catherine Coulson

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