Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Flix: Re-Kill

Zombies!  Shooting!  More Zombies!  That's pretty much this Movie.  Today's Film is Re-Kill, a 2015 Horror-Action Film.  From the Director of Wrong Turn 6 and the Writer of Route 6 comes...about what you'd expect.  You shouldn't judge the two of them by just two Films they worked on.  They also gave us House of the Dead 2, Mansquito, Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud and Ninja.  On top of that, the Director's previous Film was about WWII Soldiers fighting Zombies.  This Film is about Present-Day Soldiers fighting range?  After the Zombie Apocalypse, a group of Soldiers is assigned with the important task of re-killing the Zombies- a term I haven't heard since that freaky-ass Japanese Film Stacy.  Sorry, Film- it isn't your fault.  With a Cast that includes a few names that some of you may know, this one still has a chance.  To find out what actually happens, read on...
In the wake of the Zombie Apocalypse (yes, again!), things are so dire that...a Child watches a TV Show explaining the world's situation.  Thanks, C-Exposition!
To give this Film a Plot, she watches...Re-Kill.

Oh great- now I can't decipher Reality from Fantasy.  Help me out, Captain Hero!
Hey look- it is Damodar!

He's a Religious Fanatic who likes to shoot people.  In other words, he is a GOP Candidate!  Hi-oh!
We interrupt this Film to bring you fake Ads from a Company that wants you to bone each other.

Finally, a Horror Film that tries to be CSA: The Confederate States of America.
Oh and now it is Starship Troopers- what with the constant interviewing of the Soldiers.  Hurray!
So, basically, the Re-Kill Team is going around trying to kill all of the Zombies.  That's it.
They attempt to build a Climax with what little Plot they have, but it is pretty much just like the rest of the Film- only in the dark.
Plus there are way more lopsided and awkward angles, since the Film is *somewhat* trying to be Found Footage.

Having said all that, well, no SPOILERS all the same.  The End.
It is what it is, I guess.  Re-Kill doesn't seem to aspire to be much more than a Film about assholes shooting Zombies.  If that it is all you ask for, you'll be happy.  If you want a more interesting Plot and interesting ideas that exists outside of the Film's forced TV narrative, look elsewhere.  The problem for me was that I just kind of grew numb to the idea.  Without the interruption/reprieve of the weird inserts- like the ones telling you Repopulate the World-, this is just angry, unlikable guys shooting growling Zombies.  The Found Footage/Cops-style shooting is kind of interesting, elevating this *slightly* above its Story.  Weirdly though, it is TOO polished at times.  The so-called Show is over-Edited for something that is supposed to be shot quickly by one or two Cameraman and Edited within a very short time-frame to air as a PR piece.  Basically, it is not enough like a Found Footage Film to pretend to be one.  It is like how The Pyramid drops the whole thing indirectly by the Third Act- it is just distracting.  It gives you all of shaky-cam and awkward cutting of a Found Footage Film with none of the so-called immersiveness.  It is kind of the worst of both worlds, I guess.  All in all though, it isn't too bad, but it isn't too good either.  I did like to see all of their fake TV Show listings though...
Next up, an obscure 80s Slasher Film.  I was overdue, right?  Stay tuned...

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