Saturday, June 27, 2015

Twin Piqued: Masked Ball

As the Morning sun rises, so do we return to the infamous Town of...
In this Episode, we get many little Reveals, some important information and one big Twist!
Important Stuff
- James meets up with a mysterious lady who agrees to let him stay in her house and fix her car.  There's a real Rebecca DeMornay thing going on here.
- Cooper gives a statement (in true Cooper fashion) and is told that the DEA Investigator will be coming.  He learns that it is Dennis Bryson, someone he's worked with before.

However, Dennis (David Duchovny!) is now going by Denise.
- Ben Horne loses everything officially and seems to go a little bit crazy.

- Andy and Dick try to one-up each other by bonding with a strange little kid from a Big Brother program.

- Josie exposition dumps her back-story (finally!) to Truman and later agrees to work for Catherine to protect herself.  When she leaves, we learn that her dead Husband is...alive!

- Finally, Cooper and Denise discuss the case.  The evidence was planted successfully, but the DEA Agent may be on his side.
This is getting complicated!
The big Theme is Letting Go of the Past and a lesser one is The Past Comes Back.  Let me elaborate...

- Cooper's past with Denise may help in his defense.
- Nadine has regressed to her past self and can't let go.
- Josie's past is literally coming back to haunt her as her seemingly-dead Husband is against her!
- Ben has some serious issues with his present and won't let go of his past (literally!)
He needs help!
Weird Stuff
A tough one this week as there are a few good picks...

- Nadine embraces High School life and makes a play for a Wrestler.  She casually sits on a Leg Press next to him...and effortlessly pushes 600 lbs!  Damn!
- We get a voice cameo from David Lynch's Gordon. Always fun stuff.

- Finally, Cooper's crazy, random bit of positivity when talking to the Board elicits this reaction...
That is some Ending!  This one is another slow-but-steady build Episode.  Given that last Week was all about wrapping up Plots and setting up new ones, this is no surprise.  What they give you here is so good that you don't care.  We finally know Josie's back-story.  Catherine make a new power play.  David Duchovny is Denise.  Not to get too side-tracked, but I'm a little unclear as to what is up with that Character right now.  She explains that she self-identifies as Denise, but also says that she started feeling this way while dressing as a Transvestite undercover.  I guess she might be pre-op...but I don't know.  This wouldn't be as notable if it hadn't been for recent events that people couldn't help but talk about.  I'm curious to see where this goes, so I'm not judging it as a good or bad example just yet.  The other interesting timing is seeing Duchovny on a Cult TV Show with the imminent return of The X-Files and Twin Peaks.  Depending on how things worked out in the Show (which I intentionally don't know yet!), could he be on both in some way?  We'll see.  This was an overall fun and interesting Episode.  Since it featured a little Log Lady (at the Mayor's Wedding), why not feature Sesame Street's Log Lady Parody...
Next up, the mystery deepens and thickens.  What the hell is going to happen next?  See you then...

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