Saturday, June 6, 2015

Twin Piqued: Drive With a Dead Girl

As the Sun comes in this Saturday morning, it is time to return to that lovely Town of...
This week, we see close calls, double crosses and the worst Horror of all- In-Laws!
Important Stuff
In the aftermath of the murder, Leland/BOB hides the body in a Golf Bag- Ben Horne's, to be exact.  He also makes sure people know he has the bag, however, and nearly attacks Cooper in broad daylight.
James listens to the Tape he found and it has Ben explaining how they are going to burn down the Mill with his now-comatose comrade.  He writes a letter to Ben to blackmail him!

The One-Armed Man acts like his usual crazy self, saying that BOB is nearby and escaping Police Custody.  My question: why did he go to the Waterfall?
At the same time, Ben gets his crazy Brother for a Lawyer.  After some deliberation, Truman officially charges him, which Cooper doesn't agree with.  He goes along for the time being.

Later, Ben is blackmailed by Catherine into giving up his property in exchange for her alibi on the night of Laura's murder.
In some side-stuff, Lucy returns with her sister Gwen, while Norma's Mother comes to Town too.

While Audrey meets with Cooper, he gets a call and has to go.  They found a body- Maddie's!
The big Theme is Evidence.  For example(s)...

- Truman believes the evidence against Ben, while Cooper doubts it.
- Leland/BOB hides the evidence of his crimes from The Teen Detectives.
- Leland/BOB stashes Maddie's body in Ben Horne's golf bag to leave evidence against him.
- The big one- Catherine sends Pete to blackmail Ben in exchange for, you guessed it, evidence.
There's also a lesser Theme of Visitors.  Norma and Lucy both get one, plus that damn Food Critic still hasn't shown up.
For a Murder Town, it sure is popular!
Weird Moment(s)
Without Big Ed and his crazy wife, this one is a gimme.  The prize belongs to Leland/BOB singing a song from 'Oklahoma' while driving with a body in his trunk.  Someone made a picture of it...
Another weird gem from Lynch and company.  After such a big moment last Week, it was a gimme that this one would be all about the follow-up.  You can't kill a Character every Week, you know!  I don't mind, as this one is chock full of Plot and craziness.  Ray Wise obviously steals the Show this Episode and that's alright- he's earned it.  The building drama involving Ben, Truman and Cooper is certainly going to get interesting.  With the body now discovered, this is going to get super-intense for sure!  While we're not exactly closer to solving the mystery of BOB or the person inhabiting The One-Armed Man, the intrigue is building.  Where will it all lead?  Instead of something strange for the Stinger, here's a look at the Director of this Episode with one of the Show's Actors and their 2 Daughters that you might recognize...
Next week, can they solve the murder?  More importantly, will I ever learn about that damn message from Space?!?  See you then...

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