Saturday, June 13, 2015

Twin Piqued: Arbitrary Law

It is Saturday once again and so we return to that messed up Town of...
This is a big week!  Big things happen in a, well, big way...
Important Stuff
- The investigation into Maddy's Death leads to Cooper and his comrade (Miguel Ferrer) to make an ultimatum: give him 24 hours to find the killer.
- Leland continues to act suspicious and the Teen Detectives find out about Maddy's death before it is actually announced.  This leads to James leaving Town in a mopy huff.

- Ben signs over his property to a disguised Catherine...and then she leaves him hanging.

- Cooper gets reminded of what he knows and needs to do from The One-Armed Man.  He assembles all of the possible Suspects together in the Bar.  The Giant appears and he finally understands what Laura told him in the Red Room!
- He tricks Leland into going into the Station with them and then throws him into a Cell!  Later, they interrogate him and talk to BOB directly through Leland.  He confesses it all.

- Through random chance, Dick (meeting with Andy Lucy) sets off the Sprinklers, driving BOB to kill Leland's body in the Cell, seemingly escaping to find a new Host.
Where did that mean old BOB go?!?
The biggest Theme here The Truth.

Ben learns the truth about Catherine (too late), James learns 'the truth' about why he can't stay, Cooper learns the truth about who killed Laura and Leland learns the truth as well (sadly).

Weird Moment(s)
This one was pretty straight-forward, but we still got to see a few little, strange things...

- Lynch's Food Fetish in the form of Gum Chewing.
- A tease of the Dancing Dwarf
- Super-crazy (and scary) Leland.
- Ending the Episode with a shot of an Owl.  Why not?
Good stuff!  This is the big pay-off that everyone was waiting for back in 1990.  The payoff is great.  That's all I can say, really.  We know alot more than we did last Week, but we still want to know more.  Where will BOB go next?  What's going to happen to Ben Horne now that he's lost everything?  What is Cooper's next move?  What about that Renault fella still on the loose?  What will Audrey do now?  Finally, when the hell will we find out about that message from Space?!?  Yes, I mention it every week, but...can you blame me?!?  I need my answers.  I guess I'll have to keep watching.  Here's a Twin Peaks Parody I bet you never saw coming- Sesame Street!
Next week, we continue on from the initial mystery being solved.  This isn't nearly the end- it is a new beginning!  See you then...

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