Saturday, November 2, 2013

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Wolfen

Blame my slower-than-usual output in October for this one getting delayed until now.  Regardless, it is here.

In Wolfen, a bunch of Spirit Animals are attacking people who are trying to demolish the old buildings in NYC and make new Condos.  However, their revenge scheme takes in some collateral damage as well.

Case in point: this guy.
This Homeless Gentleman wanders onto the construction site seeking a place to sleep.  This was Ed 'I was totally not gay' Koch's NYC, so it wasn't exactly a Wonderland for them.
Sure enough, he draws the ire of the creatures.

It is their hunting grounds, you could argue, but that doesn't really make his death have actual meaning.
Naturally, they kill him.  Ouch.
Oh and the body is dragged away and never found.  Unlike the film's other black victims- the Bodyguard and the Detective- his death is never discovered or mention AFAIK.
So, in summary, a homeless man wanders into a place where Animal Spirits live and dies.  Nobody ever finds out and it ultimately means nothing.

Well, it's official: it is now *officially* hard to be a Homeless Person.  You read it here first.

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