Saturday, November 30, 2013

(Legally) Lost in Translation: Atlantic Rim

Well, Maynard spoiled it for anyone who has read the Comments on a previous post.  Damn Austrians.

Just kidding, buddy- I was going to show this one anyways.

Here's Atlantic Rim in Europe...
That has so many silly parts.  The Actors names with their Credits- most of which are over a Decade old-, the re-used art and the German translation beneath it.

The Asylum = Too cheap to just make new Box Art for non-English Speaking Countries.  Sorry, Portugal!

As a bonus, here's the other format that the film was released in.  I expect you to review this version, Maynard...
Get right on that, will you?  Good lad.

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  1. Give it to me next PT round, together with the gay vampires =)