Saturday, November 9, 2013

Indy Flix: Death Hunter- Werewolves vs. Vampires

This is a great example of how to make a bigger movie than you're capable of.  Today's film is Death Hunter: Werewolves vs. Vampires.  Have you heard of this movie?  I didn't think so.  I've said this before and I will say it again: I don't fault Independent Filmmakers for trying to make their way into 'the big leagues.'  It has worked many times, be it Joe Dante, David Cronenberg or Peter Jackson.  Unfortunately, the success rate is not nearly as high as they think it will be.  The big problem: working within your means.  If you have $10,000 and a small location, make a small film.  If you try to make a big, grand film about the end of the World or a giant Monster, you're doomed to fail.  That's basically what's happened with today's film.  The film promises alot, but doesn't deliver on most of it.  If they hadn't aimed so unrealistically-high, this might not have been a big deal.  The film has about four plots in it- one that barely goes anywhere and ends abruptly-, many F/X shots that are amusingly-bad and a lead that doesn't exactly captivate.  The whole thing is a great exercise in 'what works and what doesn't' when it comes to low-budget film-making.  Anyone who has a camera and three Credit Cards to max out should take note.  As for the rest of you, well just enjoy and read on...
In the 'cold open,' a black couple are out camping when- filling all Horror cliches- they are attacked and killed.  The guy puts up a good fight, but comes face to face with the bad CG model of a Werewolf (which you will see later).

This is the first sign of things to come.  You've been warned, potential viewers.
The story *proper* (this that bit has no bearing on anything) features our hero and his fiancee going to *sigh* a bar out in the Desert.

If you're familiar with Horror Films, you can probably call what happens next.
Yeah, they're ripping off From Dusk Til Dawn here as the Bar is full of Vampires.  They attack our hero and kidnap his lady, who, incidentally just told him that she was pregnant.

Mind you, this 'Bar' looks more like the one from Witch's Sabbath.  Translation: it looks like a cheap Sound Stage, complete with 'brick wallpaper.'  Joy.  Sorry, Not Lemmy.
Our hero flees and escapes, but his wounded.  He wakes up some time later and learns that he's been infected by the Lycanthrope that attacked him.

With his new mentor, he must train himself to kill the Head Vampire and save his wife.  The beard helps, I guess.
He shows that he is competent by fending off some cheap-looking Werewolves.  Unfortunately, his Mentor is wounded and dies, since that's what Mentors in Horror Films do.

Just to note: this film is was made in 2009 and uses Day-For-Night.  Seriously, guys?!?
Nearly AN HOUR into the film, we get a new set of heroes.  They decide to play Truth or Dare...while driving in the Desert at night.

I'm sorry, but what?!?  Oh and they run into this bad CG Effect, leading to one of them being killed.
The pair run into the now-bald Werewolf/Vampire Hunter and he kind of leads them around.  He goes back to the 'Bar' and kills some of them.  His real goal still eludes him though.

In the meantime, enjoy this weird-looking muzzle flash.
Since this film is pretty new, I won't SPOIL the whole ending.  I will say that it is vastly-underwhelming (the theme of the film, really).  Here's the DVD Menu pose, at least.
I will say this: the film's last image is the Annoying Girl of the group wandering off by herself and getting killed by the same Werewolf from earlier.  Ha ha- it's funny because it ripped her to pieces and ate her!  The End.
Neat ideas, but bad execution.  The idea: Vampires and Werewolves pick off their prey in the Desert at their own whim.  Good.  I have no problem with that.  My problem(s) are with how said idea is carried out.  The Vampires are almost all laughable creatures.  They come from the Buffy-school of Vampires, meaning that they have silly face prosthesis work done on them.  I know that some of you out there like it, but I hate it.  It makes them look like freaking Klingons!  As for the Werewolves, they are either equally-crappy-looking guys in prosthesis work (but with fur added) or silly CG sprites.  The one they use twice looks decent-enough, even though it is bathed in a lot of darkness to hide the details.  Our lead is another problem.  He's not a bad Actor (I've seen much worse!), nor does he have no presence (again- I've seen worse).  The problem: he's just nothing special.  The film needs a stronger presence to make it work.  You also have to factor in that he goes through THREE looks in a 90-minute film.  He has normal hair, full hair and beard and then, lastly, no hair at all.  It is another distraction that this film just doesn't need.  If this film had been scaled back and made into what they could have handled, it could have been good.  It reminds me of The Bleeding, although that one aims lower (and gets a few random C-List Stars).  In summary, bad film...but good intentions.  One more silly muzzle flash for the road...
Next up, I cover a William Castle film (that's often overlooked for its shitty Remake).  Will the original rock or did they blue it too?  Stay tuned...

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