Friday, November 22, 2013

Buy the DVD!: They Live

It has been a long time since this feature showed up.  That tends to happen alot here.

It's back, however, with a nice look at the *previous* DVD available for They Live.

As part of that, 'let's re-sell older (but mostly good) movies' trend recently (not counting Blu-Ray exporting), we've gotten a new DVD for a bunch of John Carpenter films.  The Fog, Prince of Darkness and others are getting the Grindhouse Cover-Art Treatment.

However, the DVD that was previously-released has something better than any new Commentary Track or Interviews.  Let me show you...
Granted- there's no Special Features Menu.  However, the one section they have for it is great.  Let's (virtually) click on the Recommendations link...
Yeah, they list TWO other John Carpenter films.  The man had 23 Directing Credits at this point, but two is enough.

If you can't catch the sarcasm, this is it.  The DVD features the cheap 'Here's your Special Feature' schlock that was prevalent in the early days of DVDs.

Of course, you still see this sometimes.  It's usually in the case of Rental DVDs (damn you!) or the ones for films that didn't make their money back (e.c. my Blu-Ray copy of the Conan Remake).

Good times.

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