Thursday, November 14, 2013

Raiding Blockbuster Video (Again)

***Updated 1/04/12***
Breaking News (from about a week ago): There will be no more Blockbuster Video Stores.

Yes, we said that awhile ago, but not all of them died off.  Now they all will.

To memorialize the Store that I used to patronage, I bought some of their stock of movies.  I own 6,000 already, so why not own 6,005 (or so)?

Here's what I bought (now updated to show Christmas gifts I can reveal):

* Big Tits Zombie 3-D (released here as Zombie Stripper Apocalypse)
* Dead Sushi
* Swamp Thing (sadly, it is the 91 minute cut)
* Manborg
* FDR: American Bad-ass
* Death From Above (2012)
* The Other Guys (New on Blu-Ray!)
* The Thing (1982) (Blu-Ray)
* John Dies at the End (One for me and one Gift)
* Love & Other Drugs (Gift)
* The Devil's Double (Gift)
* Bernie (Gift)
* Burn After Reading (One for me and one Gift)
* The Onion Movie
* Ghost Rider (Blu-Ray)
* The A-Team (Blu-Ray)
* Paul (Blu-Ray)
* National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon
* American Splendor
* Ghost Town
* World's Greatest Dad
* Futurama: Bender's Game
* Review Fodder (which I'll reveal later)

That was just three trips, mind you.  If I make another (to the one that will close in about a week), I will Update this post.  I can't wait to watch my new crap!

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