Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WTF Japan?!?: Monster X Strikes Back- Attack The G-8 Summit

Can you mix political satire with giant monster attacks?  Apparently, someone in Japan thought so, leading to this film.  Are you really surprised?  These are the people who brought us films about swim teams fighting zombies, famous samurais battling demons and robot Geishas working as assassins.  The key thing to understand about this movie is that it is very, very weird.  I know, that seems unnecessary when talking about Japan- but it still bears mention here.  A slew of Presidential/Prime Minister doubles appear here, although there is certainly some confusing ones here.  Why does this 2008 film feature a U.S. President who looks like Bill Clinton, but talks like George W. Bush?  Where's Vladimir Putin?  How did they manage to find Japanese actors for a comedy that speak French, German and Russian?  None of these questions will be answered here, but many more will be. To find out more, read on...
As the world-famous conference on monetary policy and global currency occurs, two reporters find a weird tribe in Japan dancing and singing.
Shortly thereafter, a monster shows up from outer space and starts smashing things up.  On the plus side, Japan must have the buildings insured for millions by now!
In an amusing gag, a little kid shows up to name the monster...and is promptly thrown out of the War Room.  Suck it, kids from Prince of Space- you're not wanted!
As you can see, the plans are going very productively.  By the way, when did they stop to take time and make this toy?!?
I won't spoil the whole thing here (as it is a recent film), but I will tell you that every country gets a crack at the monster.  All of their plans are, of course, silly.
Speaking of silly, the movie is chock full of reactions like this.  It sure is wacky!
Random scientist guy explains to them that Monster X could multiply and take over the world if something bad happens...
I suppose Kim Jong Il hijacking the G-8 Summit would qualify.  Who will save the day?!?
Fortunately, an armored creature can be summoned to fight the monster.  Will hope prevail?  Will the word die like in Save the Green Planet?  The End.
Japan continues to get wackier!  The plot of this movie is goofy and pretty random.  Part of it is a parody of Kaiju films, including scenes like the kid just showing up in the War Room uninvited.  Other parts of it are political satire, referencing things like Sarkozy's *then* new wife and the Russians using Plutonium as a weapon.  Ha ha- it's funny because a guy was really killed by that!  The whole film is a build-up to the battle between the two giants, which is pretty short.  You would expect a longer, sillier battle to be here.  Instead, they spend over an hour leading up to the thing's showing up.  The whole thing is oddly-dramatic, which kind of clashes with scenes a mostly-naked Sarkozy trying to stop a Japanese Kim-Jong Il.  I can't say that this film is perfect, but it is quite fun to watch.  You have to be in a goofy state of mind for this one, pretty similarly to that of Alien vs. Ninja.  If you like that kind of stuff, you're this movie's audience.  Take us away, double Subtitles...
Up next, a Mondo Macabro film about statues.  It's like House of Wax...but from a different country.  Stay tuned...

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