Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mondo Mondo: Mill of the Stone Women

It's been too long, Mondo Macabro!  The famous DVD company is responsible for a lot of films you've seen on this site.  Why?  Quite simply, they realize some crazy, obscure shit.  On the plus side, most of the films are actually good- unlike Something Weird.  This film has been featured in their awesome trailer reel for a long time, but I never actually watched it.  Let's change that!  The film comes to us from those lovely Dutch and is very similar to House of Wax.  This is the second foreign film I've seen that copies that film- weird, right?!?  The plot is very odd and I can't quite explain it too well here.  I know what I can do- I can explain it in the review.  Boy, am I clever!  Bring your polish as we go to visit the...
A man shows up at the home of a famous architect.  Can you tell that this film is Dutch yet?
The guy has a lot of art in his house, including many stone statues and pieces that go in a carousel.  They're not quite wax, but close enough.
It sure is nice of them to revisit the set from the finale of Head of the Family.
Crazy stuff starts to happen, including our hero finding a woman tied up in a room and finding the film's lead actress dead in a room.  Is he imagining these things?
It probably isn't, since it seems to have something to do with 'Dutch Vinnie Jones' and the architect's daughter.
What are the experiments that they are doing with the women in town- including this bar maid?
How the hell did she become a stone mannequin?  Am I going to keep asking questions and not answering them?
As it turns out, the architect was using 'Dutch Vinnie' to do experiments to keep his daughter alive, the side-effect being that they turn into stone statues...which get put in his carousels.  Odd.
Well, it's a stock 'science gone awry' film, so you can guess what happens.  Yep, the place burns down.  The End.
Stop milling around!  The plot of this movie is good, but takes a bit to get going.  It spends a lot of time on the characters, which is not necessarily bad.  The problem is that so much of the film is 'stock'- including the characters.  The genius who sacrifices others for his work/family- check.  The young idealist who has to solve the film's dilemma- check.  The female friend who exists only to be in peril for the finale- big check.  The movie has a lot of things going for it.  The visuals are nice, the overall feel is neat and it's never really boring.  The problem is that the overall package is too familiar.  If you like this kind of movie, you'll like this one.  If you don't, the film won't convince you to change your mind.  Take us away, silly face...
Next up, Japan gets a second shot with this confusingly-shot film about ladies in peril.  Who's the chick with the giant scissors though?  Stay tuned...

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