Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Straw Deaths: Dark Harvest 3- The Scarecrow

Another shitty Scarecrow movie to finish things up.  Unlike the last Dark Harvest, this film has something in common- other than the fact that corn exists.  Just like the other one, it is also not a sequel to Dark Harvest...or Dark Harvest 2.  No, the studio needed another movie to come out in 2004 with the Dark Harvest name, so a film called Skarecrow (yes, that's how they spelled it) was rechristened as such.  Not like I wanted them to, but they could have just waited two years for The Maize 2 and at least had some sort of continuity (in theory).  Instead, they just went this silly, silly route.  The plot of this film is pretty similar to Dark Harvest, involving a killer scarecrow and a family curse.  Hell, it even has a bunch of random people going to a cabin/barn on the weekend.  All it's missing is the random nudity scene from the lake in that film...unfortunately.  To see just how this 'series' ends with more of a whimper than a bang, read on...
In 1921, a trio of redneck guys go off to kill a witch.  Why?  No reason- they just do.  Trouble comes their way, however...
...when a random Federal Agent shows up and gets killed.  His blood splatters on a cursed Scarecrow and it kills them.  Flash forward!
In 1981, a group of people go out to a cabin in the woods- when has that ever ended well?- with their buddy, who's a complete dick.  Why do you hang out with him?
In place of the weird ghost woman- with the make-up that doesn't cover her neck, there is this resident of Nilbog.  He's weird, random and never really amounts to all that much.
This is our killer Scarecrow.  To the film's credit, it is better than the ones in Dark Harvest.  Of course, those also sucked.
The actions of the Scarecrow is related to the main character's girlfriend, since her blood activated the Scarecrow this time.  Do they actually explain how this works?  No.
Thanks to some awkward Editing, the Scarecrow kills one woman while she's having sex with her boyfriend.  Her boobs appear, her face appears, but never together.  Hi, body double!  Oh yeah, it kills her, but leaves the boyfriend alone...for some reason.
Well, until he charges at the Scarecrow later and it just punches through his chest, ripping his heart out.  How does that work exactly?
The whole thing builds up to a weird finale involving the Scarecrow killing nearly everyone, showing up in the living room, the main character ending up in a mental institution.  Pardon?  The End.
This movie is full of straw.  The plot is just silly and a weird sort of rehash of Dark Harvest.  Given that the film was actually made in 2002 (as shown by the calendars- thanks, IMDB!), it's possible that these guys ripped it off.  If so, that's pretty sad.  The movie was not good, so why do we need another?  That said, the plot is not so unique that it could be a coincidence.  It is kind of the plot of Scarecrows, after all.  This movie makes the simple premise confusing by way of the flashback, unexplained magic and convoluted pacing.  Throwing in the 'I told you about the curse' family sub-plot doesn't help things either.  If you like good horror films, avoid the Dark Harvest series in general.  If you do have to watch one, go with the original.  It sucks, but it's not as boring or confusing as these two films!  Take us away, good distractions...
Next up, a doll comes back for revenge.  If you like murder and plot holes, you're in luck!  Stay tuned...

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