Friday, October 21, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Child's Play 2

Slasher films and the like are often full of random killings.  This one from Child's Play 2 stands out to me, however, because this guy has nothing to do with the plot.

He's a worker in the factory that makes the Good Guy dolls when the main characters sneak in and break a device.
He goes to fix the machine, but runs afoul of Chucky.  Considering that they never met and he doesn't want to put his soul into the guy, what is Chucky's beef with him?
He stuns the guy and his head falls in place with the machine.  I wonder what that machine does...
Ow!  It presses the eyes into dolls, but puts them into his own eyes instead.  That's gotta sting!
So what was the point of this guy's death?  He just exists for a jump scare when the main characters find him. That was worthy of him being killed during his shift!

Up next, a look back at how Poor Bastards of Cinema began.  On the plus side, I'm rehashing myself...with pictures.  Stay tuned...

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  1. There's always a random guy or girl who gets killed for no reason, which obviously sucks for them. They probably just used this guy for a cool kill with the factory equipment! I liked it.