Saturday, October 22, 2011

Impossibly-Deceptive Cover Art: Megan is Missing

A great idea is not often come across.  While I don't consider this recent wave of 'found footage' films to be that, many do.  Case in point: this recent film...
Why do I get the feeling of Deja Vu when I see this?  It's like I've seen this before on a different "found footage" film poster...
Yeah, they stole the art design!  It's not like they stole imagery from the film itself, but they are clearly trying to make you think of it.

Of course, this 'new' genre dates back to 1982's Cannibal Holocaust, so since when was ripping someone off new?


  1. Megan is Missing came out and was first screened in 08 with that cover. They had it before Paranormal Activity.

  2. Actually, this is the DVD box-art.

    The actual poster- which may date back to 2008- was actually this:

    The DVD box art is meant to be misleading, so I stand by this.

  3. It was done by Anchor Bay.