Saturday, October 15, 2011

Project Terrible- Round 4!

It's back!  Everyone's favorite game of film nerd torturing film nerd for no good reason is back!

For those who don't know, Project Terrible is simple:

1. Blogger chooses a Terrible film for each person in the contest.
2. They, in turn, must watch a Terrible film chosen by the same people.
3. Everyone shares the link across their sites, maximizing potential readership and increase in Followers.

Just like last Round, it is going to include...

1. The Girl Who Loves Horror
2. Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary
3. Gaming Creatively
4. Cinema Gonzo
5. Mondo Bizarro aka Me

Keep an eye out on the side-bar of my site (and hopefully their's) for all of the films being covered and when the reviews will be up.

They should start going up in November, although some may be up before that.

Enjoy our pain!

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