Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forgotten Sequels: Child's Play 2

Chucky is back to make a sub-par horror film!  After the original Child's Play became a hit, the Director moved on to other things- shitty Stephen King movies- and a new person was brought in.  That man- John Lafia.  If the name is not familiar, then you have obviously not seen such films as Man's Best Friend and the classic Sega CD game Corpsekiller.  The guy has not got the best resume, unless you love Made-for-TV Disaster Movies.  So what's the plot of this movie?  The company behind the Good Guy dolls is trying to cover up the alleged murders of Chucky and, to that end, rebuild the doll.  How does the soul go back in?  They kind of skip over that point, honestly, and also don't make use of the idea that Chucky could switch between Good Guy dolls.  We get one major returning actor- the kid who played Andy- aside from Brad Dourif, but, otherwise, it's a brand new ballgame.  Will this movie show the creativity that made the original a hit or just set the bar low enough to make Child's Play 3 look good?
The folks behind the Good Guy Doll try to fight back against the negative publicity related to the Chucky murder claims.  They aren't going to...
...make the doll again.  Yeah, they do.  When the eyes get put in, the killer's soul returns (where did it go before?) and it electrocutes a worker.  Want to explain how that works, movie?  No?  Alright then.
Through some plot holes, Chucky finds Andy and 'moves in' to the house.  He finds the Orphanage and, without a scene, finds Andy's new home.  Did you cut a scene explaining how he get the new address?  Could you at least address it?  I should just move on, huh?
Andy moves in with 'Mr. and Mrs. Michelle Bachman,' who currently have a teenage girl staying with them.  Holy hipster clothing, Batman!
After taking out a lot of random people- including an Executive, the parents and the world's dumbest teacher- Chucky really pushes for his goal- to put his soul into Andy's body.  Yeah, he's still on that kick.
Through some serious contrivances, he gets into the Good Guy Doll Factory and prepares the ceremony.  Clouds appear in the sky as he makes the incantation and...
...he's too late.  Chucky has failed at his goal, so he's just going to kill the pair.  They trick him into a machine that melts parts together, killing Chucky for good., he's actually still 'alive.'  He gets doused in some serious hot wax and is killed for real this time.
..okay, he's still not dead.  They finally blow the shit out of the doll and he's dead- for real...until Part 3.  The End.
It's a doll eat doll world!  The plot of this movie has potential, but falls apart upon any inspection.  How does Chucky just come back?  How does he find Andy without getting the records?  Why does the Executive think that Chucky has a real gun when he only has toys in his car?  Why does Chucky kill the teacher?  Why does the lady think that Andy is in the closet when she has the only key, the door is locked and he would have had to re-lock himself in the room?  Why do the Police never get shown investigating the deaths of the Executive or the Teacher?  How come Andy is never confronted about the death?  Do the Police wonder why there are no finger prints at the crime scenes?  Why does Chucky kill the mother again?  Aside from those questions, it's not that bad.  It's mostly a rehash of the first film, which a lot of people will like.  As for me, I just don't 'get' guys like Chucky and Freddy Krueger.  I'm supposed to laugh while you murder people for no good reason?  Weird, right?  Take us away, 'eye-full'...
Next up, I take on the first of two Howling sequels from one DVD.  What's a werewolf film without an actual transformation though?  Stay tuned...

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