Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Cyborg Cop I/II

As the teaser said, this one is a unique entry as the subject survives both movies.  However, he's definitely worse for it...

In Cyborg Cop, a former-cop is in the middle of adopting a kid when he takes a covert, black-ops mission.  I think that would disqualify you, but, whatever.  During this, he is caught, killed and turned into a cyborg.  The kid ends up in the hands of the man's brother, because, you know, that's how adoption works! 

In the end, the dad-to-be is killed in action, leaving the kid with the brother and his girlfriend of three days.  Again- that's how adoption works!

In Cyborg Cop II, the kid is older and living with the cop brother, although the woman is gone.  The brother, meanwhile, is back on the force and battlling baddies.  This is a good household. 

During the film, the kid is kidnapped by a former-enemy-turned-cyborg of the 'dad.'  The kid gets rescued, but has to help end a semi-human life in the process.  Oh and the guy finds a new lady of three days to be 'mom.'  This kid has to be royally-messed up, doesn't he?

Up next, I take a look back at one of the most famous and least defined Poor Bastards of Cinema.  You'll know her, but also know nothing about her.  Stay tuned...

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