Saturday, July 17, 2010

Impossibly-Lazy Cover Art: Jaws 3/4

The Jaws series is notable for a rapid decline in quality as the series went on.  In fact, I wrote a whole piece about it before I had this lovely sight.  As quality and profits shrank, I guess the producers figured that they could just skimp on the art design budget too.  Check out the DVD box for Jaws 3...
Aside from making the world appear to be some sort of gelatinous cube, this is not bad.  It gives you the shark, the people and the basic idea of what the plot is. 

Plus, it kind of looks like a scene that happens in the movie.  So let's see the DVD box for the final chapter...
Um, you just tilted the image to the right a bit.  Bonus points for making the shark appear to be completely unaware of the person swimming.    I still have to ask the key question of the film: how is this personal?

Now that I think about it, doesn't this make the Shark appear to be a floating head with no body?  Weird.

These things just keep showing up, don't they?  I try to get out, but they keep pulling me back in!

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