Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Impossibly-Cool Cover Art: Beaks

Killer birds have become a movie trope since, well, The Birds.  In spite of that, very few times do they ever get their own movie, serving instead as threats within a movie i.e. Zombi 3.  Let's see how their 1987 Renee Cardona Jr. film is marketed...

Aside from the pun, this is a very effective cover.  Birds aren't really that scary solo, but this film helps change that!  I want to see this movie, even if it is obscure, stars that guy from Blue Lagoon and probably sucks.

Fun fact: this was, in fact, marketed as the sequel to The Birds in Italy.  Poor schmucks.

Up next, a '70s monster movie promises you a major lie.  Don't you just love impossible expectations?  Stay tuned...

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