Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Starz Struck: American Gods- Episode 2

As the Internet gives me WAY too many Shows to focus on, I might as well talk more about this one...
As if they knew that they'd have to top the 'Guy Gets Shot 1,000 Times with Arrows' bit, the 2nd Episode brings us...Orlando Jones as an African Spider God who helps Slaves.  Alright.
After heartbreak, loss and a near-fatal attack, our Hero really needs some advice.  Unfortunately, he's stuck with this guy.
He continues to process his grief- and all of his old stuff- as this Show continues to, well, not have much of a Plot.
Gillian Anderson is here, at least.

Does this balance out David Duchovny back on Twin Peaks?
 In lieu of more 'Plot' or SPOILERS, here is what the Show does best- neat-looking shots of nothing.
More of the same stuff, although with less Buffalo with fire for eyes.  Actually, it has the same amount of that.  In place of the basic set-up, we get weird stuff like Orlando Jones leading a Slave Revolt, Gillian Anderson as Lucille Ball and 'That Guy From Everything...but Mostly Fargo.'  I still like it, but I see the complaints about a lack of Plot.  We know that Gods are meeting for something.  We know that Mr. Wednesday hates both Highways and Cell Phones.  We know that Cloris Leachman can't cook.   Other than that, the Show still leaves you guessing.  That said, it does provide good Dialog, good Acting and neat Visuals.  How long can that be enough?  I'd question more of this, but, ooh, a pretty Spider!
Next time, will the Plot really pick up?  How will they randomly-open next?  See you then...

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