Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quick Reviews: DC's Vixen

As the World now awaits the new Black Lightning, let us take a look back at the previous Black Superhero made for the CW('s Streaming Site)...
In a Cold Open, we flash forward to Vixen being chased by The Arrow and The Flash.  How did we get here?
It all goes back to her past, when she was gifted a mysterious necklace by her absent Mother.
The guys with their own Shows show up and offer to help her, but she wants to go her own way.
People come looking for her magic totem.  On top of that, they are family!
Can she get in touch with her powers to become a Hero?
Will she become the Vixen that she needs to be? 

To find out, watch the Film/Episodes.
Vixen is actually pretty good, so why was it only on CW Seed?  It is only a shame that this had to be on their Website.  Just like Star Trek: Discovery, I have to ask why this was only on the Website.  That strangeness aside, Vixen is pretty darn good.  There is a lot of exposition to dump into this one, but it mostly works.  The Story works, introducing all of the people and the information that you need.  The use of the other CW Characters is a little forced at times- like why is only Firestorm there to save Central City-, but it makes the Universe feel unified.  Even if they aren't the best Voice Actors, it is still nice to hear all of the Actors here.  Vixen's Powers are presented in a neat, cinematic way.  The way they show the transparent spirits when she summons their powers looks nice.  This 'Movie' is a collection of shorter Episodes (7 in total), so the mix is a little odd at times.  Overall, the whole thing works to set up a Character that would show up...twice on Arrow in the next 2 Years.  Yes, I know that she was meant to be in Legends of Tomorrow.  In any event, you should check this out if you like the CW Shows, even if it does constantly tease bigger things.  In a Film/Show with magic Totems, the one thing I question is this- how did this guy hack into a bunch of TVs a mile away with his Cell Phone?
The cutting of the Episodes together is a little awkward at times.  Even so, this is a good, fun Origin Story.

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