Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pilot Wings: The Handmaid's Tale

After all of the hype, how is Hulu's Netflix Killer?

Based on a famous Book, this was made into a less-than-well-respected Film a couple of Decades ago.  With a Renaissance in Television, is now the time for a proper Adaptation?

Let's see...
In a bleak (unless you are Mike Pence) Future, infertility has struck like a Plague.  Fertile Women are forced into subservience by the rich and powerful.

In other words, it is Bizarro World China.
We are introduced to this Dystopia by way of June, who initially makes a run out of America.

If we can't protect our fertile blonde women, who can we?!?
Caught and forced to become a Handmaid, she learns that the training process is arduous and draconian.

See- I know big words!
She is forced to live with and be impregnated by the Major.  Joy.
 His Wife is on-board, but clearly not happy about the situation.  That won't things awkward.
Can our Heroine escape this life of, well, rape and servitude?  Can a Revolution occur?

To find out, watch the Show.
Dark, but interesting stuff.  The landscape for TV Shows not actually made for TV is a big one.  Netflix has about 30, Amazon has a few notable ones and even Crackle has 6 different Dan Harmon Shows that aren't Rick & Morty.  You have to do something good and big to stand out.  You don't want to be Marco Polo, do you?  In this case, Hulu succeeds!  The Handmaid's Tale is a pretty famous Story and it has never quite been done justice.  With so much topical stuff going on, it is a great time for this.  Politicization aside, the Show has a strong Story, good Acting and a Setting that draws you in.  Even though I'm not a Women and will never get pregnant (unless those damn Aliens return!), I can still relate.  This Pilot gives you a good, solid Character to see the World through.  You feel for her and want her to succeed.  Society is literally against her, though, so good luck with that.  I'm only one Episode in and I can't wait to see where it goes.  The Show does a good job of being loud when it needs to and deathly quiet when it needs to as well.  Whether you believe in Feminism or watched Last Man Standing (zing!), you should check this out.  If you don't watch this good, interesting Show, she will know!
Good start to what is hopefully a very good Show.  Is it worth saying that you pay for Hulu though?

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