Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Malibu Express (1985)

Andy Sidaris' first big Film is full of Boobs and random Humor.  It also features one Poor Bastard...

In Malibu Express' climax, our Hero is being chased by gun-toting bad guys.  Naturally, he goes to a Race Track.
He's spotted and the lead goon fires...but doesn't hit our Hero.
Instead, he shoots this random guy on a Motorcycle.

To be fair, he did drive into a gun fight.  How loud is your bike that you can't hear it?
The guy is left to die on the ground as our Hero and the villains run off to keep the action going.
Basically, this guy wanted to go see a Race and got killed.

The moral: wear a Kevlar Vest when you ride.  Safety counts!

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