Friday, May 12, 2017

Quick Reviews: Dead Rising- Endgame

Can a Video Game-based Film with a cliché Subtitle actually deliver?  Let's see...
After a Zombie Outbreak and Army betrayal, our Hero- Chase Carter- tries to find proof.  It has been a rough 2 years.
He sees that the Military- led by Dennis Haysbert- is up to some bad stuff with Zombies and innocent people.
His Boss won't run the story, so he has to go deeper- on his own...except for his new girlfriend (who gets backstory about 1/3 of the way through the Film) and another Lady.
When the pressures comes down on him, he unites his group with a buddy and an Insider to break into a Server Farm.

Most Zombie Films are about breaking into Server Farms, right?
Can our Heroes even survive the trip?  There will be Soldiers, explosions and, sometimes, Zombies!
While others deal with Zombies (and an inexplicable Mad Scientist Subplot), the main action involves installing Malware!  Can Hacking save the day?

To find out, watch the Film.
A better effort, but still not quite great.  This Sequel actually does improve upon the original.  Considering how rare that actually is, let us take a moment to applaud them.  Now let's remember that this is a Sequel to Dead Rising: Watchtower...and lower the interest level.  The previous Film had very little in the way of fun, zombie-killing action.  This one makes you wait a while, but eventually delivers.  It has two really solid sequences of this- one with the group and one with just Chase.  In addition, they don't troll you by putting Frank West in here and have him do nothing.  Instead, the guy from Dead Rising 2 shows up briefly, at least looks cool and ultimately adds little.  One day I'll get to see Rob Riggle kill Zombies- one day!  What the Film doesn't do as well is set up the new Characters and lay out the Plot.  As noted, one new Character has an exposition-dump about thirty minutes in, while a returning one shows up only to bump up the Third Act.  Speaking of new Characters, a returning Actor is back as a new guy- random!  The focus on Hacking is also a bit odd, as it is something that- to my knowledge- is part of no Dead Rising Game.  It would be like if a Bioshock Film (probably for Crackle too!) had a whole bit based on a Third Person Fighting Game.  After a decent (but not stylish) first half, the second half definitely delivers.  Will a third Film come to be?  Will Dennis Haysbert do more than make menacing monologues?  Here's another question for you- why is Dead Rising (the latest one) a Game in a World currently dealing with the aftermath of a real Zombie Outbreak?
A better Film than the Original as far as nailing the tone.  The good moments are more balanced, but the Film is still lacking a bit.

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