Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Old School TV: One Step Beyond- Goodbye Grandpa

After a long gap, I bring you the final Episode (that I own) of...
Our Narrator randomly appears in front of a set of train tracks to bring us the Story...
A pair of kids live with their Grandparents on a pretty poor Farm.  The girl tries to be the Adult to her Brother- aggressively so!
Unfortunately, things don't stay happy too long as Grandpa has a stroke (off-camera).
Things get really sad around the household.  Joy.
 Grandpa had told the boy that he wouldn't leave without saying good-bye...but then he did.  Sad.

However, after all his talk about hearing his old train coming, Grandpa's words seem to come true...
...as the kids see and hear a train go by, seemingly-taking Grandpa to Heaven.  Aw.  The End.
Depressing for the most part, but at least it picks up at the end.  This one is the one that I put off until the end.  To be honest, most of these Episodes are pretty depressing.  TV in the 50s sure wasn't fun!  Thank God The Beatles came over!  All jokes aside, this is a good, if too-condensed Story.  We barely know the people and then BOOM! he's dead.  The thing is only 24-25 minutes long, so do bear that in mind.  They spend about 5 minutes (it feels like it, at least) on the girl not letting her Brother eat Raisins on his Cereal, so maybe time could have been better spent.  As it is, the Episode is a bit hokey, but good.  The strongest Episode is probably still 'The Sorcerer,' but this is a solid one.  Let's take one last look at this guy before we go...
Should I keep checking out this Show?  Leave me a comment.

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