Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pilot Wings: American Gods

As someone who tries to be 'hip' and 'with the times,' I'll take a break from obscure Action and Sci-Fi Films to cover a much talked about new Show.
From the mind of three-time Doctor Who Writer Neil Gaiman comes the long-awaited TV Adaptation of some Book.  Well, it worked for George R.R. Martin!

A man tells the tale of some Vikings who sought land and wealth, only to find pain.  They sought help from the Gods, who weren't too sharing.
In the Present, this man is being released from Prison.  What could possibly go wrong?
Do his strange dreams and visions mean that something bad is going to happen?  Is it something good?
As bad escalates for him, he meets a mysterious man- Ian McShane- who offers him a job, while also showing that he knows a lot about him for no clear reason.
Is his sales pitch to be believed or is it just a bunch of bull?

Yes, I know that it is a Buffalo/Bison.  Thanks.
As things only seem to get worse for our Hero, another stranger appears in his life.  Joy.
Can he reclaim what little is left of his life or will all this craziness be too much?

To find out, watch the Series.
An odd, but interesting Pilot.  The Hour is full of interesting visuals, bizarre moments and intrigue.  We get an interesting and relatable Character.  We can (hopefully) only imagine to have our life fall apart so badly and in such a short amount of time.  We feel for him as Reality seems to be out to get him.  We are as curious as he is about the mysterious, seemingly-magical people that suddenly appear in his life.  We want answers just like he does.  We want to be there with him as he learns the truth and hopefully manages to deal with the situation.  The Acting is quite good here.  The Story gives us many interesting Characters.  I could have probably done with a Murray in a Sex Scene though.  As I have not read the original Story, I don't know where this is going.  Even so, I'm curious to see it all play out.  In addition, I finally know why I have kept seeing this all week...
Damn interesting Show so far.  If all of the strange build-up goes somewhere, it should be great!

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