Thursday, May 11, 2017

Immediate Response: Guardians of the Galaxy- Vol. 2

After being too busy opening Weekend to see it and knowing that I'd be too busy *this* Weekend to see it, I went to see it tonight.

You can't SPOIL it for me now, Internet!
The Good
- All of the Characters I loved were back.  They each had new depth and growth to boot!
- The Humor is truly there, with more Characters getting a chance to shine.  To go from 'Bootista' to one of the best part of the Film is a credit to Dave Bautista.
- The Film manages to give you nice emotional moments without being too forced most of the time.
- All of the Cosmic stuff in here looks great.  If Marvel changing HD Cameras really did affect the color work in the Films, don't ever change back!
- All of the new Cast impresses, from little Roles to big.  I'm curious to see where they go with them.

The Bad
- While I loved him, Baby Groot may not be for you.
- As a minor nitpick, they didn't push the whole Infinity Stones story further.  More for Avengers.
- The Pace may not be for everyone as it doesn't seem to be building to something. 

I have to nitpick, because I really like this Film.  Will I soften on the Film in time?


For now, go see this Film!  It is quite good.

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