Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rio Bizarro: Killed His Family and Went to the Movies (1969)

Yes, that is the real Title.  Today's Film is, well, Killed His Family and Went to the Movies/Cinema, a 1969 Art Film from our Olympic Host Country.  What is the Plot?  Well, the Title tells you it all.  It doesn't actually *explain* the subtext or anything, but it gives you the gist.  This came during the New Wave Movement, which is all too apparent.  This one is all sorts of interesting...even if I'm probably not the best person to try and explain it.  To see me try, read on...
This guy lives at home with his older Parents.  What could go wrong?
Oh right- the Title.
...and the other half of the Title.

Make note of that Film Title for later.
He is now just watching this Film (apparently) about two women that are friends, but people think that more is going on.
The Film within a Film seems to take a dark turn as the women kill the one's Mother.

Is this the Film playing out like normal or is this the influence of the man watching taking effect?
Speaking of the man, it cuts for a while to him having been taken in by Police and beaten.

Is he a Political Prisoner or just a Criminal?  Dunno.
Back in the other Story, the women are enjoying their new freedom with dancing, drinking and waving guns around.
Now another Plot forces its way in: the Husband who doesn't approve.  He's played by the same guy who is the titular Killer.

What is going on now?!?  Is he controlling the Film?  Was he really real?
Well, we later see a couple of women- played by the same duo- now talking about...seeing the Film within a Film.

Have fun figuring this out (assuming that there is a real answer).  The End.
Color me mostly confused.  This one is...interesting.  I don't complain to be the best person to review dense Art Films- that's why I make Bob do it.  Even so, I've seen plenty.  This is certainly one of them.  The Film has barely any Plot and what little there is turns out to be a bit confusing.  Is our 'Protagonist' affecting the Film?  Was he real?  Was the Film real?  Is he just Bob Newhart's dream?  None of the answers you seek are here- sorry.  This one is obscure enough for the best available Version to be one recorded off of Brazilian TV.  In spite of that, it got an in-name only Remake in 1991.  I wonder if I should make Bob watch that one later.  Much of the Film is pretty dated, from the references to the Music (one Female Lead hums a Beatles song) to the Dancing.  If you like deep, confusing Art Films, I'd recommend this one.  It is still obscure enough to impress your Films who watch El Topo every year at Midnight.  If nothing else, you can tell people that you saw a Film called Killed His Family and Went to the Movies.  I can't guarantee that you will 'get it' though.  Hell, even people in the Film seem to have an issue with that...
Next up, I switch gears a little for a Jose Mojica Marins Film.  Will this Coffin Joe Sequel stand up after nearly 50 years?  Stay tuned...

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