Saturday, August 20, 2016

Almost Heroes: Danni (Piranha 3-D)

Let's mix it up and go with a Horror-Comedy...

In Piranha 3-D, Danni is one of two ladies working for a Joe Francis analog that takes our Hero and his would-be-girlfriend along because they know the area.
When things get really bad during the big attack, she desperately tries to save others, showing heroism.
When a desperate escape plan (involving going across rope dangling above the water) is hatched, she volunteers to go first to help the kids stuck there with them.

This...doesn't go well.
...and she dies.
All along, she proved herself to be the nicest and most down-to-Earth of the trio (her, O'Connell and the blonde model).  In spite of that, she dies a hero's death (of sorts).

On the plus side, she doesn't get it nearly as bad as O'Connell!

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