Friday, August 19, 2016

New Flix: The ReZort

Do you like Zombies?  Do you like Films that look like Films you've seen before?  Well, you're in luck...
Like the last Film I covered, this one also has a bunch of exposition front-loaded, this time with fake News.  Ready?

- A bio-weapon was released that created Zombies.
- A different weapon put a stop to said Zombies.
- Rich person took remaining Zombies to make Zombie Westworld.
- Film begins after mysterious incident at said Park...which is the rest of the Plot.

All caught up?
Before all that, we get to meet all of our Characters.  This is our obvious Final Girl, a Woman going to Rezort to deal with the trauma of the original attack.
Some of them are complete tools.  I look forward to your death.
They are all flash, but no substance for the most part.  Thankfully, the danger isn't real...right?
In case you didn't get that this was like Jurassic World, here's an all-business lady in the Control Booth with a nerdy know-it-all.

Oh right- she's blond and he's not white- totally different!
When things (naturally) go wrong, will our heroes be able to survive?  To find out, watch the Film.
Good, but not great.  The Rezort (or Generation Z) is a well-made Zombie Film.  It has good, solid action and is shot well.  It doesn't look or feel cheap, which is always a plus.  There is even a good Arc or two in there.  The problem: it isn't original.  That isn't the biggest sin, I suppose, but it is a notable.  Simply put, this is Westworld with Zombies.  After all, it is a Theme Park with staged battles against Zombies (who are chained to posts or pop up like they are in a shooting gallery).  It is also a little bit like Jurassic Park, even having branded trucks drive the people around for the Tour.  The biggest inspiration seems to be Jurassic World, however, as they take some pretty clear visuals and Plot cues from it.  To be fair, it could be a giant coincidence, but...I dunno.  It is odd that the Film that is *more* like World (Rezort) is not the one marketed like it (Zoombies).  On its own merit, the Film mostly works well.  One big note: they kind of cheat.  Zombies attack en masse, except when it would be easier to escape when they come one by one.  At one point, they have to cross a small gap as Zombies wander in small groups like timed enemies in a Video Game!  At another point, a lull in the action is broken up by one Zombie inexplicably dropping down from a grate, biting someone and dying.  That is all sorts of cheap, guys!  All in all, The Rezort has some of its own tricks...but mostly feels familiar.  It does at least show you its literal ticking clock...
Good action and a decent Story.  Unfortunately, it does so little new and often cheats for drama.

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