Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Flix: The Mind's Eye (2015)

Before everyone starts talking about it, let me do it!  Is this the modern update of Scanners?  Let's see...
The Film begins with some ominous information about a study in the 80s of people with mental powers.
In 1990, this guy is stopped while walking alone.  He's one of the Subjects and people want him back!
Later on in a Facility, he decides that enough is enough and that he has to get out of there!
With the love of his life by his side, can anything stand in the way of our Hero?
Well, this evil-looking Doctor is sure going to try, which will become more clear as you learn what he is up to.
Who will succeed?  Who will win this battle of wills?  Who will make the most jarring face?

To find out, watch the Film...with your mind (and also eyes).  
All things considered, it is NOT a disappointment.  So many Films turn out to be underwhelming in some way if you really want to see them.  Sometimes there are obvious issues, but other times you have to nitpick a little.  In this Film's case, I'm pretty happy.  The Plot is nothing too out there and it touches upon familiar themes.  Even so, they do a good job with it, throw in a few twists and just overall handle it pretty well.  The big draw here is all of the stuff involving Telekinesis.  The Film definitely delivers in that department, proving that its (mostly) only trick is a good one.  You get to see it used in a variety of ways that look neat and also hide the Budget.  This is obviously not some $100 million blockbuster and it does show sometimes.  None of that really ruins the Film though, especially if you get hooked by the Genre feel of it.  The Film wants to look and feel a little trashy- more power to them.  The Practical Effects are a real delight and the Film plays well with color.  All in all, I enjoyed this one quite a bit.  They really seem to nail what their Style is and deliver a good, solid Film.  If you doubt their commitment to the whole 'This is set in 1991 thing,' check out how much Cigarettes cost!

Damn bloody, damn intense and damn good.  It nails the Genre Film tone perfectly for 80 solid minutes.

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