Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quick Reviews: Sick Girl (Masters of Horror)

Now that I've worked through most of the Directors that I know and love, I might as well do one that I'm not familiar with: Lucky McGee.
In this Episode/Movie, an unlikely couple get together...but get the strangest third wheel ever!
In Brazil (one last Olympics tie-in!), a mysterious man kidnaps a POV bug.
In America, this Entomologist (Angela Bettis) has a thing for a mysterious lady (Misty Mundae), but both are shy.

Good to know that the Star of The Lord of the G-Strings was available!
The bug is delivered to our Heroine and seems to be different from anything she's ever seen.
Naturally, it escapes captivity right away.  Thank God the vents open when a 1/10th of a pound bug bumps into them one time!
The bug proceeds to kill a dog (no Poor Bastard this time) and slowly mutate Misty here into, well, probably still someone's fetish.
After teasing that Jerky Best Friend will be the savior, our Heroine is also turned into a bug-creature and the pair live happily ever after...until they give birth to thousands of bugs.  The End.
Weird, but kind of compelling stuff.  Sick Girl is, to my knowledge, my first taste of Lucky McGee.  Given what happens in this Movie, that probably sounds bad.  The premise- that some super bug can mind-control people- is certainly bizarre.  Having said that, I mostly enjoyed this one.  I didn't expect to care much about the Characters, but I kind felt for them.  Even with all of that happens later, they are kind of a cute couple.  They're both so awkward and strange that it works.  Kudos to Bettis especially for making the most of this Character.  I was less into Mundae, as her playing up the Character change (due to the bug) wasn't as dramatic as I'd like.  She's not bad, but she doesn't do as well as Bettis.  You don't get to see the bug much, but it sure is freaky when you do.  Like always, Greg(ory) Nicotero worked on it, so the Make-Up is top notch.  All in all, I liked the people in it, it was pretty well-Directed and the bizarre Story worked pretty well.  It makes me wonder if I should check out more of McGee's works.  I'll leave you with some weird Animation...
More fun than I thought it would be.  It is more weird and bizarre than scary, so just bear that in mind.

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